Hannah E. Scott

Joy Alignment Strategist
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Hannah E. Scott has one of the wildest backstories you ever heard of. From bedridden and depressed to living life to the absolute fullest, Hannah is now a Joy Alignment Strategist who helps you re-find joy in all aspects of life. A few years ago, Hannah was hit by a mysterious illness. This illness left her mostly bed-ridden, plagued with full-body tremors, excruciating pain, and fatigue. Her days left her sitting in an ER bed more times than she can count. Her life at the time was over. Yet years later, Hannah's story is one of triumph! She is now an inspiration for women and men of all kinds. In her journey of overcoming all odds, she now teaches you how to break down mental barriers of all kinds to live a life full of joy. This joy extends to business, relationships, mental health, and more. She specializes in Inner Child Healing, a psychological theory that uses techniques to help you let go of conscious and subconscious barriers from your childhood that hold you back in all aspects of life to meet your goals. With a professional background in marketing and interpersonal business consulting, she has helped change the lives of hundreds of women around the world! Now she’s ready to change your life at Raising Influence 2021!

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