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Vitamin Angels is a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving underprivileged children the nutrients they need to create lifelong opportunities. Founded in 1994 by Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels provides lifesaving vitamins to children and new mothers in more than 70 countries around the World. Vitamin Angels seeks out the most vulnerable, and too often forgotten: pregnant women, infants, and children who live beyond the margins. They can be difficult ot reach due to geography or circumstance. Sadly, more than a third of the World's children are undernourished and don't get enough vitamin A in their diets. Vitamin Angels provides vitamin A to children in need to prevent blindness, and support a healthy immune system to so children are less susceptible to illness like measles. By addressing the severe gap in nutrition, Vitamin Angels promotes better health for children as well as improved educational opportunities and a higher quality of life.

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