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Spread Your Sunshine is a female-owned inspirational products, keynote speaking, and consulting small business. Our niche products and services inspire recipients to believe in how fabulously awesome and uniquely talented they are to be amazing them.

Since childhood, SYS’ Founder, Melanie S. Griffin, has invested thousands of hours uplifting others through one-on-one mentoring, hand-written messages, personalized gifts, and keynote presentations tailored to build confidence in her community. One behavior often displayed across these recipients and audiences weighed on Melanie though – they consistently reflected that she positively impacted them and was a source of inspiration, but that they did not see the fabulousness in themselves that she saw in them. Melanie became determined to change that negative view. Thus, Spread Your Sunshine was born.

SYS is intentionally focused on building its community’s inner-confidence and crushing their fear of failure by equipping them with the knowledge that the world is a cheerleader for their most audacious goals and dreams. Its brightly colored and brightly worded products and services do just that, uplifting, empowering and encouraging, different from other products and services in the marketplace. Such uniqueness has created excitement over the #ShineItForward™ movement and demand for SYS products and services. Used by everyone from children learning social and emotional intelligence skills, to managers and volunteers empowering their teams, to teachers and principals in schools, to friends and mentors uplifting each other, Spread Your Sunshine is brightening the world and building its community’s inner-strength.

The positive mindset shift that SYS is creating was best summarized by a 5th grader using SYS positivity cards during one of the company’s interactive presentations. He reflected, “sharing this message made me feel like I was telling others that they are worth something.” What an incredible tool with which together, we can continue bettering our world.

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