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Hello Podcastland...

I, Tiffany Mason, am a hard working mama of three, Preston 20, Parker 17, Hanna 9.

In 2020 I found myself in an unfulfilling sales position and in the middle of the Covid pandemic, and I  wondered what else was out there and could i work from home to be available for my 4th grader?  Who knew if the kids would be returning to school! After completing a course based on creating a business around your passions, I developed VirtuallyYou! Now I am a very skilled Podcast Manager, focusing on the post production of podcasts such as editing, show notes, audiograms(in case you are unfamiliar with an’s a picture with a waveform moving along the bottom-usually a snippet of the episode to pull you in and make you want to listen to the full episode), guest coordination, repurposing the content and much more. That’s how I help podcasters “Create YOUR web on THE web!”  Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply reformat your existing content.  You can take reviews and turn them into posts, your transcripts can become a blog, a speech, a work shop, content for a Facebook group/membership, or even an e-book!

Why podcasting?  I have the gift of gab and I love the podcasting space. I also love the power of podcasting bc there is so much to learn.  While I would drive to my undlfulfilling job...while I was preparing to transition, I would listen to positive mindset podcasts, Joel Olsteen keeping me grounded and reminded of God’s promises to me, I would listen to podcasts about podcasting-like what’s new in the industry and equipment they recommended, so I knew what to recommend to others! I listened to other entrepreneurs and lessons they learned on their journey to success.  I have found a few that are great for just unwinding from the day-usually I listed to them on my way home.  I listened to one about a medium, a couple of high profile cold cases, and of course podcasts about music.  I had a huge mindset shift and needed to learn as much as I could as fast as I could, I was in uncharted territory, I was learning and being entertained via audio! And funny enough...the podcasts I edit teach me too! Also...we know ppl buy from others that they know like and trust.  With a podcast you can prove your expertise, ppl can sample your product, you gain their trust and they may just say “yeah, I want to work with this person!” Most ppl podcast to drive traffic to their business, this is a lead magnet podcast.  Others like myself have passion projects- they do it for fun. There are plenty of podcasts but the space is DEF not saturated! When you partner with me, you too can have the podcast of your dreams!

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I have a FB group for podcasters or ppl who are exploring starting one

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