Sarah Hanford


Social Media Manager

Sarah is a social media strategist that is obsessed with triathlons, cleaning channels on YouTube and learning dances on TikTok. She was a corporate accountant for 18 years before making the switch to social media.

She has been named one of the Top 25 Social Media Managers by The Huffington Post, speaker at conferences, podcast guest and worked with brands like VH1, celebrity stylists, and celebrity hair care brands to name a few accomplishments.

Sarah’s biggest passion remains to be helping small business owners grow and monetize their social media platforms through her social media coaching membership and done for you services. She holds business owners accountable for creating their social media content in her free Facebook group.

Her biggest accomplishments remain to be her family. Sarah is wife to her childhood friend (they met when they were in the 5th grade), and 4 kids.

If you’re a business owner that struggles with consistently creating social media, join my free Content Creation Accountability Group:

You can keep up with her daily life on Instagram at @smallhousecircus or stay on top of the changing social media trends @bee_social_solutions

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