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We offer community association, social relationships, and status gain.

Build your network and business by associating with people who have your best interest in mind

Become the business-owner that receives regular referrals

Become the lead referral in your industry

Join a community that is focused on building social and business relationships that matter and are impactful


Doesn’t your business deserve to be recognized?

You could be passing up on leads, partnership opportunities, networking, clients and customers, speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and could be facing a stagnant business for much longer. You could attend other events and join another community that doesn’t have your best interest in mind, but is instead focused on their own bottom line (not yours).

Life is too short to sit around and wait for clients and customers to find you

Hiding is no fun. Don’t hold yourself back. You were meant for more.

Have you ever wondered whether people even know about your business? Do you sometimes think people are buying from your competitors, but not you? Have you been searching for a community to align with? Most businesses struggle with these same questions. You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

I care and don’t want you to have to struggle with this any longer.

We don’t just care about our own business profit, we care about yours, too.

Are you ready to be a part of a community dedicated to paving the way for your success?

Our members gain new friendships, mentors, clients and customers, business resources, tangibles, and a new aligned path.

Step 1

Join the online membership

Step 2

Show up to our weekly zoom calls

Step 3

Become a lead referral in your industry

Our 2021 Speakers

Hear what Past Attendees say:

I am so grateful for the community of sisters I found at Raising Influence this weekend. My cup is so full. My heart is wide open. My love is overflowing. Thank you Jenna Carelli for creating this safe, sacred space for women to support one another and grow together. My soul is so ready to share my story, all of it…and to inspire other women the way these women inspire me.


We fill each others cups. The advice shared, the support given & the fierce friendships developed. Whether we only just met or have known each other for years, these women spoke life into me and my dreams. As a women who would shy away from groups of ladies…I lean in now.


This was an indescribable weekend. I met so many amazing women and learned so much about how to grow my business.


This weekend, I was loud. I took up space. I allowed my voice to be heard, my body to be seen and my soul to be felt. I was vulnerable. I was open. I was self-aware. And I was able to heal deep rooted triggers in the moment


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