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Where small business owners learn and apply best business practices, without the added fluff.

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Do you struggle with:

  • Getting people to actually read what you write and do what you want them to do
  • Writing content that strikes an interest to your readers and really hits on their pain-points, enough for them to take action
  • Consistent follow up and building relationships
  • Creating systems that work and success that can be tracked + replicated

Solid Foundation

Step-By-Step Instruction

Real Support & Connection

How It Works

1. Choose Your Primary Offer

We will help you decide on a primary offer to focus on and guide you through completing the proper pre-requisites that will set you up for success and readiness to begin creating and marketing this offer.

2. Build - Grow - Scale

We will then walk you through the systems, steps, and tools necessary to build your offer, grow your offer, and eventually scale your offer successfully so that you can focus your attention on something new and have one thing consistently working for you as you do.

3. Mastermind Calls, support threads & Online Community

The Raising Influence Community meets 2x/month for sessions on zoom with the primary focus of filling your toolbox with business and mindset strategies that work - no fluff. Our zoom meetings are always live-streamed into our Facebook community in case you cannot join us live. These calls are for you to receive clarity on your action steps moving forward. We keep you accountable to those actions and provide ongoing support throughout your journey with us.

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We get it...

We understand that there are a lot of shiny objects out there that tend to hold us back and cause us to remain stagnant in our business endeavors. We believe that one constant that you should never pass up is proper follow up and relationship building with your audience. Our mission is to teach you business-building best practices, relationship-building strategies, and email marketing. We remain by your side as you build, grow, and scale your offer.

Expert Advice

Build Grow Scale

Online Community & Meetings

Meet Your Guide

Jenna Carelli is your CEO and the Founder of Raising Influence. Jenna is also the owner of J. Carelli Consulting, a virtual Business Consultant practice. Her prior 6 years of experience in the Corporate world as a Paralegal has enabled her to incorporate a legal and psychological angle to the work that she does.

She has been featured in NBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC, Forbes, and US Weekly for her framework around building, growing, and scaling an online business. Jenna specializes in email marketing automations, segmentations, tagging, and is an advocate for simplifying systems, client and customer journey in order to profit and impact more while doing less yourself. Creating an online automation system that requires zero manual upkeep will save hours in your day that you can devote to yourself and your family!

Monthly Membership

$72 Per Month
  • Access to the Build, Grow, Scale Your Offer Trainings
  • Group coaching calls
  • Private online community
  • Discounted 1:1 coaching and consulting with Jenna
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Annual Membership

$750 Per Year
($114 savings)
  • Access to the Build, Grow, Scale Your Offer Trainings
  • Group coaching calls
  • Private online community
  • Discounted 1:1 coaching and consulting with Jenna
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Stop Second-Guessing

Thrive in your business

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Topics we're covering in Our Membership calls

  • Gathering Resources
  • Forming an Outline
  • Your Dream Leads List
  • MVP - Minimum Viable Path
  • Tech Stack to Deliver Your MVP
  • Setting Launch Goals
  • DYP - Define Your Promise
  • Accolades
  • Audience
  • Mindset
  • Having A Waitlist
  • Buyers - Social Channel
  • Buyers - Interviews
  • Buyers - Content
  • Get Your Email List To 200 Dream Leads
  • Capture - Keywords and Phrases
  • Capture - Screenshots + Hot Convos
  • Convert - Pricing
  • Convert - Sales Pitch + Call Scripts
  • Convert - Emails
  • Convert - Collaborations

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